Tacala Gives Back

Part of Tacala’s recipe for success is recognizing the importance of our teams, our customers, and our communities.  Our communities take center stage through our commitment to teens.  Teens are an important constituency to Taco Bell and Tacala as they are our employees, our customers and in many cases our children.  Tacala’s not-for-profit charitable foundation, Team Tacala Charities, was established in 2003 to formalize our dedication to the communities where we do business. 

In concert with Taco Bell Corp.’s national support of Boys & Girls Clubs of America through the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, the mission of Team Tacala Charities is to promote opportunities for youth in our communities, especially teens, through the support of organizations that specialize in the leadership, career development, and character.  Our primary goal is to help increase teen High School graduation rates.  Since our partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs began, Tacala employees have raised almost $4 million to benefit teens!  In 2015, Tacala distributed $457,000 in Grants to 40 local clubs and other organizations serving teens. Team Tacala Charities has also provided additional funding through sponsorships, scholarships, in kind donations and “experience programs”.

At Tacala, our dedication to teens through organizations including the Boys and Girls Club is not just about the financial support, but also about involvement.  In addition to the funds we raise, we encourage Tacala team members to volunteer their time and talents. Tacala personnel are actively encouraged to form relationships with clubs in their area so they can experience firsthand the awesome work of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
Please click here to see a list of organizations that have received grants from TTC or TBFT.