Round Up

The primary fundraising activity for Team Tacala Charities is a program called “Round Up” which is generally conducted two times per year. Round Up is a two week program where Service Champions in each Tacala restaurant ask customers to donate their change to support teen programs. Funds collected through Round Up are made available to Boys & Girls Clubs in Tacala markets through grants for teen programs and services, as well as other club requests including facility and equipment upgrades. Since beginning its fundraising efforts in 2002, Team Tacala Charities has distributed over $2.5  million to local clubs.



“I like the fact that when I go to my local Taco Bell, I know that they like teenagers because they are always raising money for us.  They serve food that we like and they support our Club.  It doesn’t get better than that.” 
- Bryan Mitchell, 17
Boys & Girls Clubs of Valdosta