Our Culture

2011 North Star Top Performers - Destination Hawaii!

At Tacala, our culture is driven by our Mission and Values.  We strongly adhere to our commitment to be the kindest restaurant operating company in the country.  To support our Mission, Tacala has developed a close-knit family environment that balances a strong work ethic with opportunities for fun.  Recognition is a vital part of Tacala's culture.  We believe it's important to celebrate achievements at all levels in our company and let our employees know how much their efforts are appreciated.  Tacala believes in both formal and informal recognition and dedicates significant time and funding each year to recognition activities. 

Tacala also fosters an environment for learning and development.  Training is an ongoing activity and hits a high point at our Annual North Star Leadership Conference which combines all of the components for success: education, recognition, teamwork, and fun!  The ultimate company recognition occurs at the North Star Leadership Conference when the year’s top performers are identified and rewarded with a trip to an exotic locale.  In 2014, top performers went to Rome, in 2015, they will visit the beautiful mountains in Austria, in 2016 they cruised to Alaska, and in 2017, top performers enjoyed fun in the sun in Hawaii! 

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