Don Ghareeb

Don Ghareeb is a seasoned QSR veteran with experience in all aspects of the business including operations and marketing and in all capacities from crew member to both field and corporate leadership positions.  He founded Tacala in 1988 with his late partner Dick Reese opening their first Taco Bell location in 1989.  The company has grown to the largest Taco Bell franchise organization through development as well as a number of large acquisitions.  Since 1989, Don has focused first on building a strong company and second on supporting the brand to realize its full potential.  To that end, Don serves as Chairman of the Big 12, a group representing 25% of the Taco Bell franchise system that was designed to share best practices of large operators and explore opportunities to minimize operating costs.  The Franchise Insurance Group, a captive insurance company resulted from this collaboration.  Don is a founding member of FIG and former Chairman of the Board. 

In addition, Don served as Chairman of the UFPC (United Food Purchasing Co-op) Taco Bell Concept Board and on the UFPC Board.  Under Don’s leadership of the Concept Board, the UFPC developed a comprehensive financing program to fund TBC required capital projects and renegotiated a favorable distribution contract.  For his work with the UFPC as well as leadership on the Franmac Government Affairs Committee, Don was awarded the 2010 Franmac Leadership Award. 
Finally, Don is committed to serving the community through his role as Chairman of Team Tacala Charities.  He is dedicated to reducing the teen High School dropout crisis by partnering with local Boys & Girls Clubs.  In recognition for his efforts, Don was awarded the “Champion of Youth” by the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.

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